You Can Krank-ItSM!

You Can Krank-It(sm)

That's right. You!

Whether you are a Century Cyclist or a Couch Potato, a Marathon Runner or a Casual Walker, Kiss My Stats® is designed with you in mind. All of the features we are introducing are geared toward either helping you stay at the top of your game or helping you find your game where ever you left it. We understand that when you want to share your stats, you don’t mean worldwide viewing. We’re here to provide you a healthy, friendly, and safe environment to share and compare your stats with your friends. You’ll be able to encourage each other to grow and improve with our quick and easy-to-use format.

  • Great Essential Customizable Modules make The Challenge© level ideal for beginners or athletes.
  • Advanced and Custom Modules help Krank-ItSM members push the envelope with advanced tracking options.
  • All users can add Dependent Accounts so their kids can safely develop healthy fitness goals and habits.
  • Krank-ItSM and set up additional Teams and Groups who work out together - whether they are next door or on another continent.
  • Take advantage of Special Modules based on your favorite Work-Out DVDs.
  • Track your performance across various Organized Events to see your improvement.
  • Easy-to-read Multi-User Graphs let you compare your performance to others.
  • Tailor Kiss My Stats® to the site you want to track your health and fitness
  • All this, and So Much More, is rolling out over the next few weeks.

As a part of this period, you have a chance to tell us what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see. All registrants can take advantage of all the Krank-ItSM features during this phase and will receive one additional month FREE as soon as we have the "Final Release". Visit the Resources Page and become a Facebook Fan to receive another FREE month of Krank-ItSM in addition to the one you get for pre-registering.


Krank-It Up